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Aboriginal Comedian


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Brian Majore's racially-charged, edgy, thought-provoking humour has been wowing audiences all over western Canada.

Brian Majore is a fresh new voice on the Native comedy scene. His intelligent, racially-charged humour, with his takes on fatherhood and university life, is not for everyone, but everyone should pay attention because they need to hear what he has to say. Brian has shared the stage with Canada's premiere Native talent, including the likes of Scott Ward, Dawn Dumont, George Leach, and Don Burnstick. Brian has been featured on APTN's "First Talk with Tamara Bull", "The New Canoe", CBC Radio, as well as both SPIRIT and SAY magazines. Brian currently resides in Vancouver, B.C. and is a regular at Vancouver comedy venues, including Yuk Yuks.

Brian has also appeared on BC CTV's First Story, "Jesters of the Rez" episode with Don Burnstick.